Yacht Etiquette

Treat the yacht as you would your own home


The weather in January is unpredictable even from hour to hour. It is always a good idea to layer, bring a jacket or sweater and a hat. Be comfortable and classy. Note: you may want to bring a soft bag to keep up with what you are not wearing at the time.

Shoes or no shoes?

Stardust and Serenity have a “no shoes inside” rule that shoes stay in a designated place. Being bare footed is fine but if you would rather, feel free to bring house shoes or slippers to wear inside. Wearing shoes on deck is acceptable however, keep in mind that they should be soft-soled “boat shoes”. Heels (can damage the yachts and are hazardous) and black soles (that leave scuffmarks) are a big no-no.


Smoking is not prohibited inside the cabin and cockpit areas. Stardust and Serenity have different areas for smoking depending upon conditions; ask the captain where he would prefer you smoke.

Safety on board

Safety is the prime responsibility for the captain and crew, and they take it very seriously. You will have a safety briefing (before departure) about fire extinguishers, rescue equipment, lifejackets and life rafts, so ensure you digest the information given. It is a requirement of both insurance and maritime laws. Everybody is responsible for everyone else so if you see someone fall overboard, yell for assistance and keep your eyes on them and point at them until rescued. Note: This is not an event for children because of safety issues.

If something isn’t right

The correct way to deal with any problems is via the captain, he is the only one with the authority to put it right.




Stardust and Serenity are personally owned and are not chartered yachts therefore, we cannot serve alcohol. However, feel free to bring the adult beverage of your choice and help yourselves to whatever we have. We will provide soft-drinks and mixers for most everything. We will also provide ice chest to keep anything cool that is needed.



We will be providing an assortment of appetizers and for lunch, we will be anchoring at Redfish Island for lunch so bring your own sack lunch and something to share with others if you like. 

Arrive between 9:00 and 9:30 A.M.

  • You will be turning left into the marina.
  • Push the call button, advise the attendant you are going out on Stardust or Serenity and they will open the gate for you. Note: you will not be needing a parking pass.
  • When you enter, turn right and proceed down about 100 yards. Both Stardust and Serenity are located on “G” dock.
  • Park anywhere that is available.
  • Note: We will have restroom access cards available on both yachts for your pre-boarding needs.


Go or No Go

In good weather,

Stardust’s guest occupancy is 35

Serenity’s guest occupancy is 10


If cold and drizzly we can still go but the inside capacity is

Stardust’s guest occupancy is 20

Serenity’s guest occupancy is 6


Serenity will only be used if needed


Note: The captains will decide if the conditions are too hazardous to leave dock that morning. Plan B is to party in our slips until conditions/morale improves.


Float Plan

·         Departure 10:00 AM

·         Enter the Kemah Channel going past the Kemah Boardwalk

·         Exit the Kemah Channel (Marker 5) and proceed across Galveston Bay to the North Boaters Cut

·         Cross the Houston Ship Channel into Trinity Bay

·         Arrive at the South Boaters Cut between 12 and 1

·         Set course for Redfish Island (30 minutes)

·         Anchor at Redfish Island where we will have lunch and relax

·         We will raft up (weather permitting) if both yachts are being used

·         Weigh anchor and depart Redfish between 2:00 and 2:30

·         Arrive back between 4:00 and 4:30 PM for doctails


Evening Plans

Those who choose to stay on for dinner on Kemah Boardwalk are more than welcome. Please RSVP for that as well so I can have a count and reserve us a room at one of the great restaurants.