National DNA Day is celebrated on April 25th every year to mark the success in the discovery of DNA's double helix structurein 1953 and completion ofHuman Genome Project (2003). 

Texas DNA Day is an annual event where we celebrate national DNA Day by providing opportunities for postdocs from Houston area to teach high school students and gain valuable teaching experience required for transitioning in to the academic career. 

In 2018, 12 postdocs from Houston area celebrated Texas DNA Day by teaching 12 science classes in 6 different high schools. They taught history of DNA, applications in daily life and the cool research projects they are working on in their labs. This year we are expanding our celebrations by including more highschools and postdocs.

Schools involved previously in celebrating Texas DNA Day


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Texas DNA Day 2019

Texas DNA Day will be celebrated this year on April 25th. Based on availability of schools classes and postdoctoral fellows, we plan to organize teaching activities throughout the month of May. A training session on "teaching high school students" will be offered for Postdoctoral Fellows. 

How can I get involved?

Postdoctoral Fellows: To sign up for teaching one or more science classes in high schools from the greater Houston area, please complete the following form. 

Postdoc Sign up Form TxDNADay2019

Teachers: Want toget involved in National DNA Day Celebrations? Would you like postdoctoral fellows to talk about DNA structure, Human Genome Project and wonderful research they do in the lab? Fill in the following form and we will get back to you. 

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Institutions/Businesses: Get involved in the National DNA Day Celebrations! Consider sponsoring the science experiments (costs between $50 - $100) that postdoctoral fellows will demonstrate to the high school students. For more information, email us at or fill in the following form.

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