Become a Member

Membership in Sigma Xi is by nomination, is conferred in one of two ways, and is not dependent on the nominee having a specific educational degree.
  • Full Membership is conferred upon any individual who has shown noteworthy achievement as an original investigator in a field of pure or applied science or engineering.
  • Associate Membership is available to any individual who has, through initial research achievement in a field of pure or applied science, shown an aptitude for research.

Promotion to Full Membership. Individuals who were previously elected as an Associate Member and who now meet the requirements for Full Membership noteworthy achievement may apply for promotion using the same protocols listed here.

To request nomination, please fill out either this Word or PDF nomination form, and Email It To Us here at the Rice University - Texas Medical Center Chapter. You may also bring the completed form to one of our Chapter Meetings or Events.

Chapter dues are $20.00 annually, and are to be paid each year when the National fees are due.

Inactive memberships may be renewed at any time by paying the annual dues to Sigma Xi National. If you no longer have access to your Member ID# (the nine or eleven digit number that can be found above your name on all previous dues notices, in all email communiques, and which is also printed on the mailing label of American Scientist magazines), then reinstate your membership by calling Sigma Xi National at 800-243-6534 or 919-549-4691.

If you have access to your Member ID#, send Sigma Xi National an email, requesting a form to reactivate your membership.


If you are already a member in good standing of Sigma Xi, consider joining the Rice University - Texas Medical Center Chapter! To change your chapter affiliation, you must have your Member ID# on hand. Please visit the national website to fill out the on-line form to change your chapter affiliation. If your Member ID# is not readily accessible, or if you would simply prefer to speak with a customer service representative, you may also call Sigma Xi (800-243-6534 or 919-549-4691).